Achievement System Info

TotalRO is the ONE and ONLY private server with this unique & fun feature called Achievement System.

We have a series of goals at our server; when you achieve them - you can unlock the achievement badges.

These badges are made publically visible in your fourm post signature for all others to see.

Achievements can be unlocked by ANY of the 10 server accounts that are linked to your global forum account.

This feature is currently under developement and is coming soon!

Achievement List

Badge Name Requirement
Token Hunter Kill 200 of each (Poring, Poporing, Drops, Marin, Stapo, Metaling) and collect their Token
Player Killer Kill 100 players in PvP
Treasure Hunter Obtain 5 of each of the following items: Gift Box, Old Navy Box, Old Blue Box, Old Purple Box and Treasure Box
Novice Voter Vote 100 times for TotalRO
Perfect Voter Vote 200 times for TotalRO
Epic Voter Vote 500 times for TotalRO
Token Hunter Continued Kill 1 of each (Deviling, Angeling, Arc Angeling, Santa Poring, Ghostring, Magmaring, Mastering) and collect their Token
Beyond the Reach of Angels Max level any one of your character
Dragon Slayer Kill 100 of each of the following monsters and collect their Token: Petite, Deleter, Ferus, Acidus and then kill 1 Mutant Dragonoid or Hydrolancer and collect their Token
Leadership Quality Create your own guild with at least 3 members
Millionaire Save up 1,000,000 Zeny
Beast Master Get any one your pet to Loyal status
Luck of the Draw Collect 10 of the same card from any monsters (e.g. 10 Poring Cards)
Headgear Master Complete all of the following headgear quests:
Quality Stuff Successfully upgrade any piece of gear to +10 via Refiner NPC
Tried and Done It All Create 1 of all 2nd Class Character (E.g. Hunter, Rogue, Assassin, Crusader, Knight, Wizard, Sage, Priest, Monk, Blacksmith, Alchemist, Bard or Dancer, Taekwon Master, Soul Linker)
To the Next Level Create 1 of all Trans Class Character (E.g. Lord Knight or Paladin, High WIzard or Professor, Sniper or Glown or Gyspy, High Priest or Champion, Whitesmith or Creator, Assassin Cross or Stalker)