Increased Rates

Total Ragnarok offers increased rates to the full community when you team together and accumulate the total points required.

Based on an average of 100 players, you can together accumulate upto 700 points per 12 hours just via voting, you can also add more points to the fund by speaking to the Increased Rates NPC located in the center of Prontera City.

Not only will this system give you an extra incentive to vote for Total Ragnarok, this will also ensure we stay up top within the rankings of the voting sites available.

  • Everytime you vote, 1 point goes into the increased rates fund. We check the fund every 10th and 40th minute.

  • To vote, login to your Global Account and click Vote.

  • You can vote 5 times per 12 hours, this will add 5 Points to the increase rates fund.

  • Once 1000 Points have been accumulated, the rates will increase to
    Base 20x, Job 20x, Item Drop 10x and Normal Card Drops 10x for 2 Hours.

  • Voting for Total Ragnarok really helps and this is our way of saying thank you.

  • You also get to keep the Voting Points you have voted for =).

  • If you wish to speed up the process, you can contribute Cash Points, Quest Coins & Total Tickets to the increase rates fund.
    [ 1 Cash Point = 5 Points | 1 Quest Coin = 25 Points | 1 Total Ticket = 20 Points ]