Server Rules

We encourage players to report players that break the rules.
If it pertains specifically to a player or guild, attempt to fix it first amongst yourselves before reporting it to the GM team.

  1. English : Players must be able to write and understand simple English. GMs and Moderators will be addressing you in English, requiring you to understand and answer in English as well. We do not ask for perfection, but a high enough level to be able to communicate with others. Main Chat and Prontera must be English only. Other languages are fine in other chats.

  2. Respect : Insulting, racism, sexism, discrimination, excessive swearing or any other offending comments can result in punishment. This applies in all chats including Main Chat. Please do not harass others as well, this includes using skills that would otherwise inhibit a player from playing the game as intended to be (Ice Wall abuse, Healing mobs, Warp Portal abuse etc.)

  3. Botting : Any player using a third party program to play the game will be permanently banned.

  4. Mob Dropping : Players are not allowed to drop monsters on other players, this includes MvPs.

  5. MvPs : MvPs are considered free for all to attack. Players are expected to not use skills to hinder others from being able to participate in killing the MvP (Usage of Warp Portal to attempt to warp players away), mob dropping is also considered hindering others.

  6. Kill Stealing non-MvP Monsters : Do not hit a monster(s) that another player(s) are currently 'engaged' in. Being engaged is considered to be a player either currently attacking or being followed/attacked by a monster. Exceptions to this rules include monster that are spawned in a public DB room or any GM hosted events unless stated otherwise by the GMs.

  7. Begging : Do not beg. Asking for help is allowed, excessive begging is not allowed.

  8. Looting : Do not take items that do not belong to you. Items that drop from monsters that a player has killed or being unloaded from pets is still considered property of that player, until they have left the general vicinity. Players please be careful when using Fly Wings, if you use a Fly Wing, items that are left are now considered free for all.

  9. Do Not Cheat : If you find a bug, report it immediately to any GM through a support ticket. Failure to report a bug or abuse of a bug is considered a violation and will be punished appropriately. Do not modify your RO files to provide yourself with any advantages. Cosmetic modifications are allowed. Modifications NOT allowed: Altering effects that would affect delay, etc.

  10. Advertising other Servers : Do not advertise any other server. Talking about the official servers is an exception to this rule.

  11. WoE : Usage of skills to forbid players to enter a castle is considered abuse. Such examples are using Ice Wall and Warp Portal to prevent access to the castles. We suggest to use of /notrade to prevent any interactions during WoE.

  12. Do Not Tolerate/Assist in Rule Breaking Activities : Inaction to cover up a rule-breaking act committed by someone else can include you with their punishment. An example would be full knowledge that a guild member is botting.

  13. Shared Accounts : Account Sharing is not the GM team's responsibility. The GM team will not consider the movement of items due to account sharing as an act of stealing.

  14. Real money transactions : Any discussion of conducting transaction involving real money will result in a permanent ban. Don't even joke about this one.

    If your action(s) or inaction(s) would cause harm or hinder another character's experience, punishment may be given according to the severity of the examined grievance.

    These rules are subject to change and will be updated when required.